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8761-P Sterling Silver 925 Gold Plate 24K Egg Pendant Pink – Hand Enameled – Swarovsky Crystals 1 1/2 Inch

$120.00 $115.00



Size: 1 1/2″x5/8″ RUSSIAN MINIATURE SILVER & ENAMEL EGG- a combination of art, tradition, craftsmanship and precious metal. The egg is one of the symbol of “NEW LIFE, REBIRTH & LOVE” to be handed down to us from antiquality. The “egg” as a universal symbol, transcends many races, creed and cultures. size:1 1/2″X5/8″This egg has SWAROWSKY stones. Also available pink quarts color. GIFTS SUGGESTIONS – any holyday. Good gift for wife, mother, the grandma, the grand daughter, lover, etc. Many grand mothers start necklaces for their grand doughters